APCO approved CPET Trays + Lidding Film

Product Information

At EezyPak we manufacture CPET trays that offer significant advantages in the packaging industry.

CPET trays are known for exceptional heat resistance, they enable convenient microwave & oven use without compromising packaging integrity.
This durability extends to puncture resistance, ensuring reliability during transportation & storage. CPET trays also provide excellent barrier properties, preserving food freshness & minimizing waste by extending shelf life. Additionally, their recyclability aligns with sustainability goals, contributing to reduced ecological impact & promoting a circular economy. CPET trays stand out for their versatility, durability & eco-friendly characteristics, making them a preferred choice in modern packaging solutions.

  • APCO approved recyclable trays
  • -30c – 220c degrees microwaveable and ovenable
  • Lidding film available

MOQ – 100,000 units