Customised Rotisserie Chicken Bags

Product Information

The EezyPak™ Rotisserie Chicken Bag was originally developed to solve the problem of expensive, impractical and unattractive carry out chicken packaging. It has evolved into the most practical, convenient and economical method of delivering fresh grilled rotisserie chicken products straight from the store to the dinner table.

  • Customizable
    We can customize the design of the bag to your specifications
  • Keeps chicken moist
    Chicken stays moist, juicy and delicious in the chicken bag
  • Anti-fog window
    The clear window stays fog-free to show off your product at its best
  • Resistant to high temperatures
    Able to store chickens straight out of the oven
  • Grab and go handles
    Convenient handles for easy carrying by the customer
  • Leak-proof
    Juices from the chicken remain safely locked inside for a mess-free experience


MOQ for Custom Bags – 50,000
MOQ for Plain Bags – 30,000

More About Our Chicken Bags

Our Rotisserie Chicken Bags come in various sizes and their design can be customized to your requirements. See the customization tab for some examples.

Customisation Options: We tailor make re-sealable Rotisserie Chicken bags to your requirements offering up to 10 colours printed.*