Customised Shrink Bags

Product Information

With balanced performance, PVDC shrink bags are suitable for both high oxygen barrier properties & high resistance water based products. Shrink bags can be suitable for frozen or room temperature products such as Beef, Bacon, Chickens, Ducks & other Poultry Meats, Cheese & other Dairy products, frozen Fish, Sausages, Hams & Marinated Meats. With high water-blocking properties, EVA shrink bags can prevent the loss of flavour to meats that are stored long time and air-dried.

  • Product Freshness
  • Longer Shelf life
  • Range of sizes
  • Fully Customisable


MOQ for Custom Shrink – 50,000
MOQ for Plain Shrink – 30,000

Customisation Options: At EezyPak, we believe branding is important. With the option to customise your Shrink Bags up to 10 colours printed, go ahead & express yourself !